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Military Tungsten Alloy Jet

Military tungsten alloy jet has good corrosion resistance, long service life, excellent performance and high cost performance, which is not easy to wear. It has a series of advantages, especially its high hardness and good wear resistance. Even under the temperature of 500℃, it is basically remain the same, and it has high hardness at 1000℃.

Military tungsten alloy jet is the important part of thrust chamber. Its first half is shrunk to a narrow throat by the middle into small. And the expansion of rocket to the bottom after a narrow throat from small to large outward. The rocket body by high pressure gas into the nozzle of the first half, after passing through the narrow escape from the latter part of the larynx. This structure allows the air flow velocity due to changes in cross-sectional area of the discharge varies from the airflow to subsonic speed of sound, until accelerate to supersonic speed.

Since thrust chamber has limited space available, compact yet dense types of ballast are preferable in the aerospace industry. Tungsten alloy has higher density at a lower volume. This refractory metal has a density of between 16.8g and 18.75g per m3, approximately 50-60% heavier than lead. The resulting component is only approximately 60% of the size of its lead counterpart at the same weight. This means that tungsten alloy jet components can be 40% smaller, which widens possibilities for distribution within the thrust chamber.

Military Tungsten Alloy Jet Images

military tungsten alloy jet image  military tungsten alloy jet image  military tungsten alloy jet image 

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