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Tungsten Alloy Cluster Bomb

Tungsten alloy cluster bomb is a type of general empty bomb, which uses the number of characteristics to increase the coverage area and kill range. Each small bomb is also called a sub-bomb with low damage power. Many designs are mainly aimed at soft targets, such as human bodies, vehicles or equipment without armour.

Tungsten alloy cluster bomb is divided into tungsten alloy shell and tungsten alloy bomb. Tungsten alloy shell is mainly used against enemy tank groups at large distances. Large caliber artillery, rocket, or tactical missiles can be fired for tungsten alloy bomb. Also known as "cluster bomb", tungsten alloy cluster bomb is a kind of cluster bomb which is a key development of all countries.

Tungsten alloys are materials with high tungsten content and low amounts of NiFe (binder material). They show similar high densities as pure tungsten, but they are much easier to machine. Tungsten heavy alloys are characterized in particular by their excellent strength and ductility. Typical areas of application: military defense, protection shields for nuclear radiation, counter weights for the engine construction, aerospace, mechanical engineering, fine mechanical technology and sports.

Tungsten Alloy Cluster Bomb Images

tungsten alloy cluster bomb image  tungsten alloy cluster bomb image  tungsten alloy cluster bomb image 

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