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Tungsten Alloy Aircraft Gyro Rotor

Tungsten alloys not only maintain high density, high strength and good electrical and thermal conductivity of tungsten, but also reduce the preparation temperature, simplify the preparation process, and improve the plasticity and processing properties of the alloy, making it easier to produce and has better mechanical properties than pure tungsten. The materials can be loaded into a spinning gyro flywheel to store kinetic energy. There are two purposes for tungsten alloys used in the gyroscope: to adjust the center of gravity of the triangle; the other is to adjust the laser oscillation frequency beam.

As a key part of aircraft directional gyroscope, tungsten alloy gyro rotor has high requirements in manufacturing and mechanical properties. It is a great test to the mechanical performance of the rotor. Tungsten alloys have high density, high hardness, good wear resistance and good temperature resistance, which can be used for a long time even in the environment of high-speed rotation.

In terms of manufacturing accuracy, aerospace components require high precision, so this takes into account the machinability of the metal. The precision of aircraft parts of tungsten alloy can meet the requirement through sintering process. It is also an excellent choice of materials for manufacturing tungsten alloy aircraft gyro rotor.

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tungsten alloy aircraft gyro rotor image  tungsten alloy aircraft gyro rotor image  tungsten alloy aircraft gyro rotor image 

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