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Pre-torqued Tungsten Alloy Rod Bullet

Pre-torqued tungsten alloy rod bullet is actual the tungsten alloy rod penetrator after pre-torqued process with increased penetration ability and improved hit rate. Adiabatic shearing is an important mechanical phenomenon under the impact load. In the process of penetrating through the target plate with long bar projectile, it can effectively prevent the "mushroom head" from appearing in the warhead and keep the warhead self-sharp, thus improving the penetrating ability of the bar projectile. However, as an adiabatic shearing insensitive material, the adiabatic shearing property of the tungsten-alloy material can be improved to enhance the penetrating capacity of the tungsten-alloy bar bomb.

The principle of the tungsten kinetic energy penetrator is that it uses its kinetic energy, which is a function of mass and velocity, to force its way through armor. The modern KE weapon maximizes KE and minimizes the area over which it is delivered by: being fired with a very high muzzle velocity; concentrating the force in a small impact area while still retaining a relatively large mass; maximizing the mass of whatever (albeit small) volume is occupied by the projectile—that is, using the densest metals practical, which is one of the reasons depleted uranium is often used.

Pre-torqued Tungsten Alloy Rod Bullet Images

pre-torqued tungsten alloy rod bullet image  pre-torqued tungsten alloy rod bullet image  pre-torqued tungsten alloy rod bullet image 

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