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Tungsten Alloy Rifle Bullet

Tungsten alloy rifle bullet is a kind of machine gunshot with excellent performance, mainly equipped on the rifle. It has the characteristics of high initial speed, low trajectory extension, short flight time, high hitting accuracy and high penetrating force, which can effectively aim at the moving targets. The rifle bullet is made of high-quality heavy tungsten alloys. Very dense, 1.7 times heavier than lead, tungsten is the ideal metal for military purposes.

Tungsten alloys can be used for bullets or pellets in various military applications such as pellets used inside a hunting shell. Lead shot and bullets have been banned in many areas due to environmental concerns. The high density of the materials allows the bullets to travel longer distances without loosing energy, while the hardness allows it to keep their shape while being accelerated by the powder charge, which increases the muzzle velocity.

The rifle is mainly used to fire bullets, killing and exposing live targets. Its effective range is generally 400~1000 meters. Some can also fire rifle grenades with point-face killing and anti-armour capabilities, which is the basic weapon equipment of modern infantry. Tungsten alloys are increasing adopted for military purposes and defense owing to its great performances.

Tungsten Alloy Rifle Bullet Images

tungsten alloy rifle bullet image  tungsten alloy rifle bullet image  tungsten alloy rifle bullet image 

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