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Medium Caliber Ammunition

What Is Medium Caliber Ammunition?

Medium caliber ammunition usually includes 20mm, 25mm, 30mm and 40mm armor piecing, high-explosive, smoke, illumination, training and anti-personnel cartridges with the capability to defeat light armor, material and personnel targets. The 20mm cartridge is a multi-purpose tracer, used in the Counter-rocket system. The 25mm target practice, high-explosive incendiary and armor piercing cartridges are fired from the M242 Cannon. Medium caliber ammunition is dependent on the weapons platforms currently in use. A variety of tests were conducted to determine whether tungsten-core bullets were safer than lead. Therefore, medium caliber ammunition are usually made by tungsten material now.

Tungsten Medium Caliber Ammunition Sizes

The caliber of medium caliber ammunition could usually rages from 12.7 mm to 57 mm, which includes range of combat- and training ammunition for Army, Navy and Air Force applications, etc.
The medium caliber ammunition is usually available in the following sizes:

12,7 mm-Ball shape
20mm-as per design
25mm- as per design
27mm- as per design
30mm - as per design
35mm- as per design
40mm- as per design
40mm AGL - as per design
57mm- as per design

Because of the good machinability of tungsten material, tungsten medium caliber ammunition could be machined into different shapes as per various drawing design with high properties which is completely different from other material such as lead.

Tungsten Medium Caliber Ammunition Applications

Multinational missions in war zones and trouble spots are placing new requirements on armies, navies and air forces. Many of the most popular cores today feature to tungsten material but not lead slug. Tungsten help to prevent or damage to the core that can result from repeated loading and unloading in a rifle's magazine and chamber, which can then hurt the bullet's ballistic efficiency and performance. Tungsten medium caliber ammunition offers automatic cannons, weapon systems and ammunition which cover the full range of present and future threat scenarios and can be deployed from land, sea or air. The main product groups encompass vehicle-mounted armaments, aircraft cannon systems and naval guns, including their ammunition as well as ammunition for air defense systems. Due to these applications, tungsten medium caliber ammunition makes weapon systems featuring easy handling, cost efficiency and operational reliability.

Tungsten Medium Caliber Ammunition Advantages

High density almost 18g.cm3
High hardness at 40 HRC min.
Excellent ultimate tensile strength at 1050 MPa min.
Good machinability
Reducing manufacturing stages
Reducing floor space
Fully-integrated system from one source

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