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Tungsten Alloy for Aircraft Carrier Deck

Different from the aircraft carrier deck in the World War II, with the gradual upgrade of carrier aircraft and the continuous updating of modern electronic equipment, the manufacturing process requirements for the aircraft carrier deck are getting higher and higher. After tens of thousands of steel and alloy plates, the world's naval powers have concluded that tungsten alloy high-strength steel sheets are the most ideal material for the construction of aircraft carrier decks. Under the high yield strength index, the thickness of the deck will not exceed 30 mm, and for small aircraft carriers, the carrier deck can even meet the needs of less than 22 mm.

Among the alloy-resistant steel materials, high-density tungsten alloy is one of the most important and difficult technologies to break through. The tungsten element required for the aircraft carrier deck is more than 30% in the alloy steel plate. Due to its high density, high hardness, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, tungsten alloy is used to make aircraft carrier deck for safe aircraft flight and landing.

When an aircraft makes an emergency landing, its landing gear lands first, and the impact force is strong, creating a lot of friction and generating a lot of heat. Due to the aircraft carrier flight deck made of tungsten alloy has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, it can withstand high temperature and will not break, thus ensuring flight safety. In addition, salt in the ocean air is so high that it corrodes metal, and the use of tungsten alloy on the flight deck prevents corrosion of the salt flight deck.

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