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Tungsten Alloy Armor Plate

Tungsten alloy armor plate is used in the military equipment to protect against certain physical attacks (including kinetic energy, thermal energy, electromagnetic radiation, etc.) and reduce the damage of kinetic energy, thermal energy, electromagnetic radiation, etc. As it is made of heavy tungsten alloys, the armor plate has high density, hardness and toughness. When an armor-piercing bullet hits tungsten alloy armor plate, the warhead's energy penetrates the armor, but the kinetic energy of the warhead is greater and damage is reduced, protecting the armor from deforming.

Compared with other armor materials, tungsten alloy armor plate is heavier, but it also has better protective effect, which is 85 percent higher than aluminum alloy armor, 50 percent higher than alloy steel armor. In addition, tungsten alloy armor plate offers better protection to the fighters and tank crews.

Rifles and pistol bullets are usually equipped with armor-piercing warheads made of tungsten or iron, and aircraft tanks sometimes use armor-piercing projectiles with depleted uranium cores. These armor-piercing projectiles are made of high-density materials. They are designed to retain shape and carry more energy during piercing to penetrate the target armor as much as possible.

The advantage of depleted uranium bombs is that they spontaneously ignite after impacting the surface. They are self-sharp, and can generate high temperature and high energy on small-area target armor, thus penetrating armor. Some armor-piercing projectiles will also be equipped with explosives or incendiary bombs to help penetrate light armor. The high-energy explosion-burning armor-piercing project combines a tungsten alloy armor-piercing warhead with an incendiary or high-energy explosive.

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