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Tungsten Alloy Long-rod Penetrator

Tungsten alloy long-rod penetrator is one of the most commonly used anti-tank and anti-armor ammunition. Its core material plays a decisive role in penetrating armor projectiles. Due to its high density, high strength and ductility, tungsten alloy is capable of maintaining speed and penetrating armor targets when penetrating armor, and have the mechanical properties of easy processing. It has gradually become the preferred material for armor piercing battle stations in military industries.

In the process of penetrating the target plate at high speed, the contact area of the bullet and the target produces high temperature, high pressure and high strain, which is a very complicated dynamic process. In the process of penetration, it produces a series of phenomena such as violent plastic deformation, shear fracture, thermal effect, and even melting, which penetrates the target.

The key to new and modern military equipment are new materials that are more destructive, stronger and environment-friendly. However, to find such a material can be very hard. Some countries are giving very high priorities to the development and maybe the discovery of new and better materials. It was very hard for them to find a material that is better that tungsten, the one candidate that was somewhat better was the depleted uranium that had more destructive power but it had a huge disadvantage and that was the non-environment friendly side of it.

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tungsten alloy long-rod penetrator image  tungsten alloy long-rod penetrator image  tungsten alloy long-rod penetrator image 

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