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Tungsten Alloy Shaped Charge Liner

Tungsten alloy shaped charge liner is called the heart of the bomb. It is a kind of perforated shaped charge liner manufactured by powder metallurgy. Compared with the single-metal shaped charge liner, the energy conversion and absorption mechanism is more reasonable, the utilization rate of chemical energy is more sufficient, the armor breaking performance is superior, the cost is lower, and it has a broad development prospect. It also has the characteristics of low blasting high, no pestle, deep penetration, and has been widely used in the oil perforation industry.

The penetration ability of the armor breaking jet is directly proportional to the square root of the jet length and the square of the jet velocity. It is also related to the stability, continuity and post - tussah size of the jet.

With tungsten material, shaped charge liner can obtain a jet with good ductility, but is fragile and its jet breaking performance is unstable. So the application of tungsten in this product is limited. Experts at home and abroad actively sought new materials for higher performance shaped charge liner. And high-density tungsten alloys were found. The use of tungsten alloys for shaped charge liners leads to an improving of the jet penetrability into a homogeneous steel target. In comparison with copper jets, the penetration depth can be increased by a factor 1.3. The improving is due to the increasing of both the density and the break-up time.

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