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Bunched Tungsten Wire Armour-piercing Bullet

Tungsten has the characteristics of high hardness and high temperature resistance, which be used for nuclear weapon material shell protection. The most significant use of tungsten is for a variety of high-speed ammunition, especially armor-piercer. Tungsten is almost an indispensable part of armor-piercer. The kinetic armor-piercer made from tungsten alloy can compete directly with the depleted uranium bomb (depleted uranium has become an environmental problem).

Bunched tungsten wire armour-piercing bullet has the properties of high density, high strength, high ductility and high impact toughness, etc. It is a kind of typical kinetic energy bomb that uses high density tungsten alloy wire and adds other elements to prepare the penetrator for higher performance.

Generally, bunched tungsten wire armour-piercing bullet can be divided into uranium alloy cartridge reinforced by tungsten alloy wire, tungsten whisker to make armor piercing cartridge. Tungsten composite wire is used for several types of reinforcing phases, such as WHA projectile, bunched tungsten and tantalum wire armour-piercing bullet and bunched tungsten -lithium iron wire armour-piercing bullet. Tungsten alloy bullet core shows a good penetrating ability in the impact on the target plate, which makes it the main material for the preparation of weapons such as piercing ammunition. It is widely used in the military field and is an indispensable weapon.

Bunched Tungsten Wire Armour-piercing Bullet Images

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