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Tungsten Bullet

tungsten bullet Tungsten bullet is made of tungsten alloy material and used as the Penetrator Shell core which could Penetrate enemy tanks armored.Tungsten bullet have a equivalent destructive power with uranium bullet and could replace the uranium bullet bomb used in the tank.

Uranium bullet has caused environmental pollution and damage to human after The Gulf War and the Balkans war.The soldiers would suffering from cancer for use uranium bullet bomb.Uranium is radioactive, it is generalized nuclear weapons which would hurt the troops.Concerning the security issues, US arms manufacturer has decided to stop the production of uranium ammunition.

US Navy have phased out the uranium weapon in 10 years,and gradually use the tungsten bullet which is nontoxic and nonradiative. For the USA have stop the production of the uranium weapon, UK can only be phased out such weapons.The UK defense department have improved that the tungsten bullet have a equivalent destructive power, with the uranium weapon.They have master the evidence of the harmful that caused by the uranium weapon.

High density tungsten alloy is a new material with new structure. It has a High velocity, low ballistic stretching, flight time is short, high accuracy and penetration strength and it could shot fast moving objects. In contrast to the hard steel core, tungsten alloy bullet have a nice ductility and has a fast piercing speed. Tungsten bullet have been widely used at home and abroad.

tungsten bullet

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