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Tungsten Alloy Throat Lining

Tungsten alloy throat lining is the inner lining material of the nozzle throat of solid rocket engine. When the rocket is launched, the gas is accelerated to the speed of sound by 65% ~ 75% of the thrust, which is tested by high temperature and high pressure at the throat of the nozzle. Therefore, the material of the throat lining directly affects the performance of the rocket engine.

Tungsten alloy has great applications in advanced science such as rockets, missiles, reentry spacecraft and nuclear reactors, due to their excellent physical, mechanical, corrosion and nuclear properties. Tungsten alloy has high melting point, strength is still 44 kg/mm2 under the high temperature of 1900 ℃. It can be seen that tungsten alloy can be used to make various types of rocket engine throat linings without cooling.

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