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Tungsten Alloy Fragmentation Projectile

Tungsten alloy fragmentation projectile is a projectile produced by the projectile fragment to kill the effective force and destroy the target. Its detonation product and shock wave can damage the target. It is one of the most basic main bombs in the projectile, which is mostly used in various kinds of artillery.

Tungsten alloy fragmentation projectile consists of a projectile and a launching charge. The projectile includes a projectile body, an explosive charge, and a fuse. Generally, the elastic body is made of tungsten alloy. The charge coefficient of a large caliber bomb is usually 5%~14%. It usually comes with a trigger or time fuse. When a proximity fuse is used, it can be blasted at a certain distance from the target to improve the killing effect. Some antiaircraft guns and naval guns are equipped with ballistic drag tubes, while antiaircraft guns are equipped with self-exploding devices.

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tungsten alloy fragmentation projectile image  tungsten alloy fragmentation projectile image  tungsten alloy fragmentation projectile image 

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