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Tungsten Alloy Missile Warhead

Missile is propelled by its own power unit, guided and controlled its flight trajectory by a guidance system. It is a precision-guided weapon with the characteristics of long range, high speed, high accuracy and great power. The missile warhead is the forward-most portion of the missile and is regarded as a special device for damaging targets. The warhead is mainly composed of a casing, a combat charge, a detonating device and a safety device.

Tungsten alloy missile warhead is mainly made of tungsten alloy material. Tungsten alloy not only has high density, but also has a series of excellent properties, such as high strength, high hardness, good ductility, good machining performance, small thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity, good oxidation and corrosion resistance, and good weldability. These excellent properties make the missile warhead widely used in the military field.

Tungsten Alloy Missile Warhead Images

tungsten alloy missile warhead image  tungsten alloy missile warhead image  tungsten alloy missile warhead image 

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