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Tungsten Alloy Spherical Fragment

Due to its high density, low attenuation coefficient and strong armor piercing ability, tungsten alloy spherical fragment has gradually become the preferred damage element of the kill department. It has the simplest geometrical shape, and maintains the speed and the ability to penetrate armor, so it is widely used in prefabricated kill and injury department. Air defense, counter radiation, surface kill and other types of combat department generally adopt fragment battle department, and mainly rely on fragment kinetic energy to destroy the target.

The destruction of spherical fragment is usually measured by the kinetic energy of the target or the ability to transmit it in the target. Therefore, the process of energy release and transmission is the process of causing injury to the target. The amount of energy transfer determines the degree of damage to the target. The smaller the fragment, the higher the energy transfer efficiency. Given that, spherical fragments are generally made of tungsten heavy alloy. Its high density ensures the small size of the fragment, high hardness, wear resistance and other characteristics to ensure that the fragment will maintain the speed during the flight while the energy will not have a large loss, while also ensuring a strong lethality.

Tungsten Alloy Spherical Fragmente Images

tungsten alloy spherical fragment image  tungsten alloy spherical fragment image  tungsten alloy spherical fragment image 

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