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Military Tungsten Bullet

Military tungsten bullet has high initial velocity, low trajectory extension, short flight time, high hitting accuracy and high penetrating force, which is effective against fast moving targets. It refers to the core of an artillery shell that penetrates enemy tank armor made by tungsten alloy. This projectile has the same destructive power as a uranium bomb, which can replace the one used by the tanks that led to the gulf war syndrome.

Tungsten bullet can replace depleted uranium bombs that have been used in environmental pollution and human injury disputes after the gulf and Balkan wars. The use of uranium bomb can lead to cancer in soldiers. Depleted uranium bomb is radioactive, classified as nuclear weapons in the broad sense, which has been injurious to troops. It is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, which will not harm humans and the environment.

Because tungsten has the highest melting point of any metal, there isn’t a vessel that is capable of holding the molten liquid. Instead, Chinatungsten Online team carries out a powder metallurgy process which plays a significant role in the quality of the finished product. From accurately weighing raw materials and applying exacting temperatures at different stages, to precise machining and extensive quality control systems, attention to detail is the key to ensuring finished tungsten alloy components meet the standards required by our customers.

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military tungsten bullet image  military tungsten bullet image  military tungsten bullet image 

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