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Tungsten Alloy Bullet

When tungsten is made into an alloy, it becomes a suitable material for diverse ammunitions. These range from large to small caliber. In the manufacture of tungsten alloy bullets, the desired quality is achieved through process mastery, strict inspection and innovation. The development of high quality materials is crucial to achieve optimal results. Bullets are entirely covered by copper on the outside while their interior or core is made of dense tungsten. Also, the bullets have streamlined polymer tips that are effective for shooting at flat long range trajectory.

Tungsten alloy bullet has strong penetrability, high hit rate and good toughness, due to the excellent properties of tungsten alloy materials. Tungsten alloy is characterized by high density, high strength, high hardness, low thermal expansion coefficient, and low thermal conductivity. It also has good mechanical properties, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.

The density of tungsten alloy bullet is very high, so the most intuitive manifestation is that the mass in unit volume is very high, thus the power distribution of the missile can be controlled by the proportion of the warhead to the whole missile. Another function of tungsten alloy bullet is the hardness of tungsten alloy. It has a missile head that is strong enough to face strong defenses, and can also give it a deadly strike.

Tungsten Alloy Bullet Images

tungsten alloy bullet image  tungsten alloy bullet image  tungsten alloy bullet image 

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