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Military Tungsten Alloy Parts

Military tungsten alloy parts have high density, high melting point, high hardness,high tensile strength, high temperature resistance and good wear resistance due to the material of tungsten alloys. And compared with other materials, the material is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, which will not harm the human body and pollute the environment. Tungsten alloy is gradually replacing lead and depleted uranium as raw materials for military products because of environmental pollution from lead and depleted uranium.

Due to its excellent properties, military tungsten alloy parts are widely used in the military field, including bullets, armor piercing fin stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS), counterweights, grenade fragments, tank guns, artillery, weapon ammunition, etc. W-Ni-Fe alloys and W-Ni-Cu alloys (with tungsten content 90%~97%) are regular tungsten heavy alloys with high density. Chinatungsten offers a variety of high density alloys, available in bars, plates, sheets, foil, rods. We also have extensive machining capabilities, allowing us to provide products in standard sizes or custom products finished to your exact specifications.

Military Tungsten Alloy Parts Images

military tungsten alloy parts image  military tungsten alloy parts image  military tungsten alloy parts image 

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