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  Tungsten Armour Piercing Bullet

What is Tungsten Armour Piercing Bullet?

Tungsten armour piercing bullet are specifically designed to penetrate steel and other metal armour. Tungsten Armour piercing bullet behave exactly like any other full-metal jacketed bullet until they impact hard steel armour. In fact standard Canadian Military rifle (C7) ammunition, with its SS109 bullet incorporates an armour piercing capability.

Armour piercing bullets are a specific design which incorporates a hard steel or tungsten penetrator inside the ammunition core. Only ammunition with this hard penetrator design is considered to be armour piercing. When the bullet impacts armour, it begins to flatten. As the nose flattens, the hard penetrator continues forward into the armoured surface while being supported by the bullet as it continues to flatten.

tungsten medium caliber core

Tungsten Armor Piercing Bullet Advantages:

Tungsten Armour Piercing bullets do not explode, fragment or do any of the things you might see in a Hollywood movie. They are a simple kinetic energy penetrator. AP bullets are mainly found in military ammunition.

Tungsten armor piercing bullet has the properties of high initial velocity, low trajectory, short flying time, high accuracy, high penetration and more by adopting decorticating theory, new structure and material of tungsten heavy alloy:

It can deal with high-speed target efficiently
Fracture surface of bullet has high density
Has good ductility, which is contrary to the broken of hard steel or tungsten carbide core during penetration
Has excellent property of second penetration and penetrates to armor in splash type
Has significant penetration to composite armor which has big impact angle, or layered construction
Has been widely adopted for large caliber bullet or small caliber shell, as ammunition to target which
has light armor such as panzer or attack helicopter

tungsten medium caliber core


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