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Tungsten Alloy Armour-piercing Core

Bullets aren’t made out of titanium. They are made of lead mainly with a copper or light steel jacket. Armor piercing ammunition will be made with a tungsten core designed to punch through armor. Tungsten alloy armor-piercing core is the main body of penetrator, which is also a key position. It is made from high density tungsten alloy, and fracture density is big, so it plays core ability, improves the deposit in flight speed of steel plate penetration ability, and improves the penetrator fatal blow to the motion of the armor.

Tungsten alloy is a kind of metal material with high temperature resistance and good thermal stability. The core is subjected to high pressure and high temperature environment inside the armor-piercing projectile. The core made of tungsten alloy will not bind and deform even under high temperature and high pressure. Moreover, tungsten alloy has a high hardness and is resistant to pressure and tension. It is basically non-deformation when wearing armor. After breaking through armor, it forms fragments, which increases the killing and burning effect.

Chinatungsten Online has the capability and the capacity to manufacture millions of penetrators of any size. Our quality products are already in use by many quality bullet manufacturers around the world. The quality is achieved by cutting edge, highly-advanced material science and processes, not available until recently. This quality doesn’t come with a higher price tag. Our production automation and manufacturing sophistication allows us to maintain prices at a low level and compete with any manufacturer worldwide.

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