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Tungsten for Defense

Advanced Hit Efficiency and Destruction

AHEAD is the acronym of "Advanced Hit Efficiency and Destruction". That AHEAD can also mean "ahead of ….", is indicative of the idea that AHEAD ammunition is a guided missile that is activated and deployed prior to reaching the target, "advancing interception". The core of AHEAD technology is made up of three parts, including AHEAD ammunition, muzzle velocity measurement, and timed detonator device/ data request system.

Below involve the pictures of a typical military application of tungsten alloy in the tungsten military defense (GDF-AHEAD, from Switzerland):

  Tungsten Alloy Projectile  Tungsten Alloy Projectile

Schematic drawing of tungsten military defense( heavy metal tank ammunition cartridge)

tank ammunition cartridge

1. Windshield         2. Tungsten heavy-metal penetrator (sub projectile)

 3. Three-section sabot  4. Stabilizing fin     5. Propellant of tungsten military defense

Multi-EFP and the combined effect of EFP

Multi-EFP and the combined effect of EFP

(a)Single EFP

(b)The EEP fighting the Department of the composition


(d)Integrated effect of EEP

Technological Core of Tungsten Military Defense

The 35mm by 228mm AHEAD ammunition is an original cartridge type, programmed detonator ammunition, composed of a Programmable Fuze System, tungsten alloy subprojectiles, ejection standoff ammunition, a thin-walled body, nitrified fibre firing ammunition and steel ammunition cartridge. This tungsten military defense is become more and more widely used in the military field.

Tungsten Military Defense in Anti-missile:

In the anti-missile role it uses Advanced Hit Efficiency And Destruction (AHEAD) ammunition . This round ejects 152 tungsten projectiles at a predetermined distance, between 40 and 10 m, from the target. A 25-round burst of AHEAD rounds produces 3,800 of these small projectiles to destroy the incoming missile. Cruise missiles can be destroyed at 2.5 km and high speed missiles at 1.5 km range by tungsten military defense. A more common projectile to see in service is the advanced hit efficiency and destruction [AHEAD] round. Given the size of the diameter and the larger length of the projectile, as opposed to a 35mm AHEAD round, more subprojectiles are carried - one hundred and eighty as opposed to one hundred and fifty-two . The submunitions of this tungsten military defense are tungsten-alloy [WHA] spheres, designed for both penetration and 'mass effect', to increase the likelyhood of engaging the incoming 'vampire' or 'bogie'. The round is termed the MCP170 and uses a programmable magnetic fuze which uses information provided by the coil velocity gauge near the gun's muzzle in order to automatically compute the correct estimated time to target.

More knowledge of tungsten military defense for AHEAD C141:

The combat efficiency of the AHEAD ammunition is due to the payload of 152 tungsten alloy subprojectiles weighing 3.3 grams each. These subprojectiles are activated at a certain distance in front of the intercepted target, forming a mass of lethal subprojectiles, greatly augmenting the probability of a kill. The tungsten alloy subprojectiles have a sharp edge, ensuring that this tungsten military defense can inroad into the target with precise accuracy, tungsten military defense also provides the kinetic energy to destroy the electrical components, payloads or motor of the target.

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