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Tungsten Necklace

Tungsten carbide can be manufactured as tungsten carbide necklace, is also called tungsten necklace, which is fabulous fashion accessory.

Tungsten necklace have two types, the onewith pendant and tungsten carbide necklace. When it is with pendant usually have string to hand up to your neck. Tungsten carbide necklace is usually refer to necklace made of tungsten. It is heavier than tungsten itself because of different tungsten content, you can choose the type you like.

Tungsten carbide is one of the strongest metals on earth. It's highly durable and can hardly get scratched or damaged and has the most unique color and mirror finish that will last a lifetime. It is the best and charming gift for your family, friends or lovers. Besides, tungsten carbide is the most beautiful material there is when it comes to jewelry. Tungsten necklace with pendantis is a high quality decoration.

Tungsten carbide necklaces and ring pops look great, but many prefer the nuanced mouthfeel and clean finish of precious gems and metals. As we know, silverworks presents bare necks with an avenue to be clothed. However, tungsten carbide necklaces, along with its stainless steel chain, are hypoallergenic so bubble boys who live in fear of rashed skin can sport them worry-free. They are strong and scratch-resistant so they double as a weapon to bash brains in when the zombie apocalypse decides to rear its ugly head.

Pictures of Tungsten Necklaces

tungsten-alloy-netsuke tungsten alloy necklace
Tungsten Necklace-01
Tungsten Necklace-02

Pictures of Tungsten Carbide Necklaces

tungsten necklace tungsten necklaces
Tungsten Carbide Necklace-01 Tungsten Carbide Necklace-02

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