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Tungsten Chain

Tungsten alloy can also be manufactured as tungsten chain, also called "tungsten alloy chain", including tungsten necklace, tungsten wrist chain, tungsten bracelet, tungsten watchband, tungsten key chain, etc.

Tungsten alloy chain seems to be more popular among men because of its higher weight compared with chains made of other metals. Men can wear mens product in any occasion, when you play football, basketball, you can wear it because it is abrasion and corrosion resistant. Men can enjoy the beauty of tungsten chain brought to them because at low cost of tungsten. Mens product is usually wider and longer. But of course, it is also suitable for women, who can handle the weight wider and longer mens chain bring.

Tungsten alloy chain presents a high gloss finish that lasts. The strength and durability of tungsten makes it nearly indestructible. Mens product is incredibly tough and scratch proof, showing the world that you live life with mens product.


tungsten necklace tungsten pendant tungsten watch band
Tungsten Necklace
Chain with Pendant
Gold Plated Tungsten Chain
tungsten wrist chain
tungsten bracelet
engraved bangle
Tungsten Necklace
Tungsten Bracelet
Tungsten Bangle

We have many different kinds of tungsten alloy chain, mens tungsten chain. We can also provide tungsten chain, mens tungsten chain with gold coating, such as 18k and 24k.

We can also engrave on the tungsten chain, mens tungsten chain according to the special requirements of the customers.

You can find more details on Tungsten Jewelry.
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