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Gold Plated Tungsten Alloy Ornaments

Gold Plated Tungsten Alloy Ornaments—the Best Substitutes of Gold

Gold plated tungsten ornament is more durable than gold, platinum, titanium. Its hardness is between 8 and 9M (Mohs hardness scale). It is the second except diamonds, which is 10 times than gold, 5 times than stainless steel. Tungsten, belongs to non-ferrous metal, is also extremely important strategic metal. The density of tungsten alloy is 19.25g / cm3, is similar to real gold. Gold plated tungsten alloy ornament has high strength, corrosion rust, high hardness (HRA for 89--91 degrees); not easy to scratch and deformation. Tungsten content in the crust is only 0.001%. After smelting, it becomes silver, shiny and high hardness metal. After gold plating, it becomes nobler.

Currently, tungsten materials, as a substitute for gold, are widely produced tungsten gold plated jewelry. Gold plated tungsten ornament is one of Europe's most popular fashion jewelry, young people's favorite. Traditional gold platinum ornament is very difficult to attract young people who pursue personalized fashion.

Due to its special properties, gold plated tungsten ornament is also become the best choice for gifts. Gold plated tungsten alloy products have many types: gold plated tungsten alloy bookmark, gold plated tungsten alloy car perfume, gold plated tungsten alloy mobile phone accessories etc., which is the best choice to send customers, friends and relatives.

Gold plated tungsten ornamentGold plated tungsten ornamentGold plated tungsten ornament

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