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Tungsten Copper Military Defense

Tungsten copper alloy, also called tungsten copper, is widely used as tungsten copper military defense, conbines many excellent properties of both tungsten and copper such as high melting point,high strength and low expansion coefficient of tungsten, high conductivity and high thermal conductivity of copper, and tungsten copper alloy is easy to be machine. With these series of high conductivity, high thermal conductivity and heat resistance characteristic, tungsten copper military defense has been widely used in mechanical field, electrical field, instruments and other civil industrial, and also is widely used in making important as well as complex components for aviation, space shuttle, weapons in the military industry,national defense, navigation, satellite communication, etc.

tungsten copper rod photoTaking advantage of the high thermostability of the tungsten copper military defense material, in the 1960s,the USA use it to be the guide rail of the railgun, nozzle throat lining of the rocket-powered missile and jet vane which are used under the high temperature. The theory of tungsten copper military defense materials applied as high temperature material in military usage is that when the air temperature is close to event exceed the temperature melting point of tungsten (over3,000 ℃), the content of copper in tungsten copper military defense materials evaporate and then absorb a great deal of heat , which greatly reduce temperature of tungsten copper military made parts. Along with the exploitation of the tungsten copper military defense material in the national defense military, the application of the high temperature tungsten copper alloy is substantially increasing.

Application of Tungsten Copper Military Defense Material:

tungsten copper bar pictureFew materials can continue working in a very high temperature. Therefore, one of the important effects of tungsten copper military defense material is its high-speed and high temperature airflow ablation and flushing parts in rockets and missiles, such as gas helm, nozzle, throat lining, the nose cones, etc. In addition it can be used as a medical cover of tank, the tailpipe and orbit materials of electromagnetic gun. With these applications, tungsten copper military defense materials should be handled strictly as the following two items. In order to guarantee the properties of high temperature strength, good resistance to ablation, and erosion resistant of tungsten copper military defense material in high temperature ,it must be sure the high density of framework and skeleton intensity of tungsten, therefore, copper tungsten alloy military materials in this application generally contain 5% to 10% copper . And for the sake of making the tungsten copper alloy military materials gasification and smoothly reduce the material surface temperature by absorbing large mass of heat, it must be ensure that tungsten skeleton pore have very good connectivity and good capillary function at low copper content.

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