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Tungsten Copper Dart Billet

What is Tungsten Copper Dart Billet?

Tungsten copper dart billet is also called copper tungsten dart billet , tungsten brass dart billet. Tungsten copper dart billet is one kind of high density material for making dart, especially for its good machining ability. It is usually manufactured with composition of 60WCu, 70WCu, 80WCu and even 90 WCu. The much more tungsten composition, and then the heavier weight it would have. Composition from 70W~90W tungsten copper material is much popular for making darts as its high density, low hardness good for machining.

Tungsten Copper Dart Billet Advantages

Tungsten copper billet mainly combined with tungsten and copper, owning heat resistant, high density but low thermal expansively and excellent wearing resistance become much less common in recent year. As we know, if making dart, we need dart billet first, and then the machining ability should be very important, then it would be drilled, milled, knurled, etc. If it is just tungsten, then it will be much fragile, and could not be machined well, and will be cracked easily. However, when it added with copper, then the machining ability will be improved, and the hardness could be adjusted a little lower, which makes it good machinability. Besides, as tungsten copper dart billet, it is excellent in durability.

Tungsten Copper Dart Billet Manufacture

The manufacture process for tungsten copper dart is complex, it mainly includes mixing, pressing, sintering, surface control of grinding, if there is a need, drilling, milling, threading, etc. could also be done to tungsten copper dart billet material. If the machining required much complicated, then the price will be much higher accordingly, because the manufacture cost will be higher.

Tungsten Copper Dart Compared with Tungsten Heavy Alloy Dart

However, nowadays, the standard and popular material for dart is tungsten heavy alloy material. Tungsten heavy alloy is one kind of high density material, and also it has much better machining ability than tungsten copper material. Compared with the size, if has the same weight, tungsten heavy alloy dart will be much smaller than tungsten copper dart, as its high density but small capacity. That means darts made of tungsten heavy alloy could be made quite slim, and it will be easier to grips, and also will be good for a high score. Therefore, more and more players choose tungsten heavy alloy material for their favorite darts.

Chinatungsten Could Offer Tungsten Copper Dart Billet

Chinatungsten could offer tungsten copper dart billet, also could offer the whole set of tungsten copper dart with soft tip or steel tip in favorable price based on the quantity required. Besides, if there is a need, Chinatungsten could even offer special service of gold plating, engraving as per clients' requirement in the whole set of dart.

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