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Tungsten Iridium Stream Mouth

What is Tungsten Iridium Stream Mouth?

Tungsten iridium stream mouth is as a special tungsten heavy alloy with other refractory metals. It mainly uses in rare-earth metal smelting, the induction furnace heating element, the quartz glass smelting and so on, makes the high temperature vessel. In the glass and the ceramic industry, the tungsten class mouth is a ceramic micro production very essential part. The tungsten proportion is big, degree of hardness is big, the heat conduction electric conductivity good, heat-resisting, wear-resisting, anti-corrosive, has the low expansibility and the size stability under the high temperature. The tungsten melting point is highest when all metals (reaches as high as 3380 degrees Celsius), the steam tension to be lowest, the tensile strength is highest (1650°C), and its antiseptic property is good, the majority inorganic acid are very small to its corrosion. But the tungsten and the iridium make the alloy, its abrasion resistance, degree of hardness, the intensity, the heatproof quality obtained the further promotion, thus has guaranteed the product uniformity well. Is precisely these precious performance, causes it to become now in the high-tech crystal glass industry the indispensable equipment component.

Tungsten Iridium Stream Mouth Used for Glass

In order to drill though the glass, special glass drill bits are needed. These types of bits will be made of tungsten iridium stream mouth and will have a point that is shaped like a spade. Tungsten material can stand up to the amount of friction that is created when drilling glass. It is also possible to use diamond bits but, 2 diamond bits will be needed for drilling where only 1 bit is needed. Once the glass is cut, measure where the holes will need to be. Do not drill holes within 3/4 of an inch form any edge. It is best to stay as far from the edges and corners as possible. For drilling the glass, it is reqruied to be supported. Place it on a surface and make sure is very flat. If it is possible, have a type of very firm cushion material or a rubber pad underneath the glass. It is vital that the glass is properly supported and flat. Using a variable speed drill for drilling. Starting with a small drill bit and then place the bit so that it is in the center of the hole. Start drilling and use constant pressure, which is the best to drill in a slow and steady manner.

Tungsten Iridium Stream Mouth from Chinatungsten

tungsten iridium stream mouth tungsten iridium stream mouth tungsten iridium stream mouth
tungsten iridium for glass-1 tungsten iridium for glass-2 tungsten iridium for glass-3


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