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Tungsten Alloy for Cell Phone

Tungsten Alloy in Cell Phone

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Tungsten alloy cube and rod is often used in mobile phone. Compared with other materials, the advantage of the tungsten alloy in cell phone are high density, high melting point, small volume, excellent hardness, superior wearing resistance, high ultimate tensile strength, high ductility, high temperature resistance, good corrosion resistance, excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance.

We can provide tungsten alloy for cell phone components in strict accordance with your requirements.

Applications for Tungsten Alloy for Cell Phone

Tungsten alloy for cell phone products such as mobile phone bobs and clock vibration parts are one of our leading products. Compared with other materials, tungsten alloy in cell phone vibrators have the advantages of accurate weight, and non-magnetism. In particular, since a motorized weight usually produces the vibrations, lighter-weight phones may have weaker vibrating mechanisms.

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The radiation from the cell phone is very harmful to our body. Tungsten alloy for cell phone is a best choice for radiation shielding applications, especially in cell phone. Compared to traditional radiation shielding materials, tungsten alloys radiation shield provide excellent value. A high-density alloy can provide the same energy absorption as lead using 1/3 less material. People are taking advantage of tungsten alloy's reliable radiation shielding properties to make anti radiation cell phone screens. Tungsten alloy in cell phone makes our life easier and safer. We can provide all kinds of tungsten alloy in cell phone products as your requirements. We offer highest quality tungsten alloy for cell phone products.

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