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Tungsten Alloy Anti-Vibration Tool Holder

Cutter rods are widely used in the mechanical field, such as machining center lathes, drilling machines, tapping machines, milling machines, etc. These processing machines will use cutter rods. With the increase of users' machining requirements for parts, molds, etc., and the substantial increase of high-speed CNC machining centers, the requirements for high-efficiency, high-precision, and high-speed performance of CNC tools are also getting higher and higher. Therefore, the demand for anti-seismic high-specificity rotary forged integral tungsten alloy anti-vibration tool holders used for machine tool growth will also continue to maintain a substantial increase.

Tungsten alloy has high shock resistance and good formability, and is very suitable for making shock-resistant tool holders. Tungsten alloy anti-seismic tool holders have great advantages in processing hard materials and workpieces with high requirements for precision, smoothness and verticality. At the same time, because the tungsten alloy anti-vibration tool holder has excellent anti-vibration performance, the blade reduces the lateral impact caused by vibration during processing, and the blade can be used in cutting to the maximum extent. Practice has proved that using tungsten alloy as the tool holder can save 2 to 5 times the blade, the processing time is greatly shortened, and the processing cost plummets, so that you can get the most cost-effective.

The high specific gravity rotary forged integral tungsten alloy anti-vibration tool holder developed by our company is a product of a new material, mainly a tungsten alloy product made by forging. The mechanical properties of this rod have been greatly improved after a series of thermomechanical treatments. Tungsten alloys can be made into various shapes, but the most common shape is round rods, which can be thermomechanically treated to improve their mechanical properties. The ultimate tensile strength of general tungsten alloy rods is 920 MPa and the hardness is 25HRC. However, after swaging, the ultimate tensile strength can be increased to more than 1200 Mpa, and the hardness can reach more than 35HRC. The highest ultimate tensile strength can reach about 1450 Mpa, and the hardness is above 45HRC.

This swage bar is one of our main products. The composition of this product is 92% WNiFe. According to the needs of customers, it is processed into various types of anti-shock tool holders.

1. High specific gravity rotary forged overall tungsten alloy anti-vibration tool holder has the characteristics of high elastic coefficient, so it can greatly improve the anti-seismic effect and eliminate its vibration during machining, which is of great benefit to product quality, machine tools and fixtures, cutting tools, production efficiency and operating environment.
2. In addition to the shock resistance of the tungsten steel tool holder, it also has a certain degree of toughness and is not fragile, which has a protective effect on the accuracy of the equipment.
3. Effectively meet customers' requirements for deep hole processing, overcome the big problem of tool vibration in deep hole processing, have high stability and high precision in shock resistance, and greatly improve tool durability.

tungsten alloy anti-vibration tool holder photo tungsten alloy anti-vibration tool holder photo

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