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Tungsten Alloy Sintered

Tungsten alloy sintered is also called tungsten alloy blank. Sintered tungsten alloy are materials that are not trimmed or unfinished and are going to be processed further processing or will-be dealing with. Tungsten alloy is available either as semi-finished blanks or as precision-machined parts.

Tungsten alloy Sintered manufacture process
Raw material power configuration: WP is mixed together with Ni, Cu, Fe, etc.
Vacuum dry: Vacuum dry the power
Press: Compression molding is wildly used in pressing
Sintered tungsten alloy: sintering is the key processes in the powder metallurgy process. It is divided into the sintering of the unit of the department of sintering and the multi-component system. In addition to the ordinary sintering, there is also bulk sintering, melting, dip, and hot pressing sintering process.
Product: With the powder metallurgy production technology, powder metallurgy and tungsten alloy sintered products are ready to use or to be machined further.

tungsten alloy sinteredtungsten alloy sinteredtungsten alloy sintered

Tungsten alloy sintered is the product that is very easy to process. Customers can use the sintered tungsten alloy directly if they have no special finishing needs. For any special needs, we can provide deep processing of products according to their customers' needs and requirements. We can also supplytungsten alloy sintered product for further processing.

Picturers for Sintered Tungsten Alloy

tungsten alloy sinteredtungsten alloy sinteredtungsten alloy sintered

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