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Tungsten Fictile

What is Tungsten Fictile?

Tungsten fictile is also called tungsten putty, which has a density raging from 8g/cm3 to 10g/cm3 usually. As its environmental friendly, tungsten fictile is widely used for fishing tools as the counterweight.

Tungsten Fictile Advantages

Tungsten fictile is perfect for any fisher who wants a hard wearing and high density material for pinning down hook link matter, which is rather easily to be moved, quite soft and durable, tungsten fictile is wonderful material when under any weather condition and can lasting even in wet and windy conditions but still keep its shape, and could not deformed. It could be shaped easily by the fishers to any shape they want. The most special advantage compared with other fishing material such as lead is that, tungsten fictile is non-toxic, though the price for tungsten fictile is higher than lead weights, but it is popular for the fishers nowadays.

Tungsten Fictile Specifications

Tungsten fictile is usually made as per clients' requirement, there is no the standard shape or size. Generally, fishers use 10g/pc, 20g/pc, 25g/pc, 30g/pc depending on the different fishing environment. Also it could be offered with just one big ball shape, and then they could cut or shape it by themselves into whatever shapes they need.

Tungsten Fictile Reservation

The reservation for tungsten fictile is very important, or it will become dry fast, as we need to add some wax into it during the manufacturing process, and then if it is exposed in a high temperature for a long time, then the wax will be evaporated, then the stickiness of the tungsten fictile will become weaker. Therefore, the best reservation method will be keep them in a cool situation, and sealed in the plastic bag when you do not use them. Keep it away from the heat. Then it will be good for you to use it for a long time.

Chinatungsten Could Offer Tungsten Fictile

Chinatungsten could offer tungsten fictile, also could offer the tungsten fictile for fishing in various colors, such as red, blue, yellow, white, etc. Besides, Chinatungsten could also design the label for clients if there is a need.
tungsten fictile tungsten fictile tungsten fictile
Tungsten Fictile
Tungsten Fictiles
Tungsten Fictile

If you interested in tungsten fictile, or want to know more about it, please feel free to contact us by email: or by phone: 00 86 592 5129696.

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