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Tungsten Gum Rubber Weight

What Is Tungsten Gum Rubber Weight?

Tungsten gum rubber weight, also known as tungsten fishing putty is actually a family of various resins filled with tungsten particles. Tungsten gum rubber weight has the properties of tungsten that is high density, small volume, environmental friendly, etc. It also has the property of rubber such as corrosion resistance, low price. Tungsten gum rubber weight is widely used fishing jigs.

Advantage of Tungsten Gum Rubber Weight

1. It is 1.8 times heavier than lead so it adds lots of weight in a small area, and environmentally friendly.
2. It is child-safe; there are no toxic materials in it.
3. The product can be shaped into any size per water depth and volume.
4. It stays on your leader in all temperatures.
5. Tungsten gum rubber weight can be detached easily.
6. The product is waterproof, sticky and reusable.

Usage of Tungsten Gum Rubber Weight

The product is very dense and easy to knead. Just a small piece will do to make your hook link lay flat on the bottom of the lake bed. Tungsten gum rubber weight is also useful for balancing hook baits. It is widely used in fishing.

Tungsten gum rubber weight is perfect for any fisher who wants a hard wearing and high density material for pinning down hook link matter. Easily moved, soft and durable, the product is great under any weather condition and can last even in wet and windy conditions. We can provide different kinds of tungsten gum rubber weight as your requirement.

Tungsten gum rubber weight holds where it is placed on the hook, you can change the soft weight quantity and position to give lure different swimming and falling actions.

Unlike lead that has been labeled as the environment hazard many years ago, tungsten gum rubber weight is environmentally safe. So you can mold it into any shape you want, even without gloves.

Tungsten Gum Rubber Weight in Pinewood Derby Car

Pinewood derby cars are gravity-powered vehicles. They start the race on a sloped track held back by starting pins. When the pins drop, the cars roll down the sloped track towards the finish line, guided by rails. Most tracks are built with a transition from the sloped starting section to a long flat section. On these tracks, cars must complete the flat section while maintaining as much speed as possible. So tungsten gum rubber weight is essential. Maximal energy is generated without creating additional air drag.


Although tungsten gum rubber weight is made from non-toxic ingredients, it is not a toy for children to play with. Always wash you hands after use it, and keep tungsten gum rubber weight away from food and your mouth.

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