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Tungsten Radiation Shield Glossary(S-X)

This page provides a list of general terms that are used to describe aspects of radiation science. Below is the radiation shielding terms and definition.

Scattered radiation

Scintillation detector

Sealed source


Sievert (Sv)

Somatic effects of radiation

Source material

Source term

Special nuclear material

Stable isotope

Stochastic effects

Survey meter

Terrestrial radiation

Thermoluminescent dosimeter



Unstable isotope


Uranium fuel fabrication facility

Uranium hexafluoride production facility

Waste, radioactive

Weighting factor (WT)
"effective dose." The goal of this process was to develop a method for expressing the dose to a portion of the body in terms of an equivalent dose to the whole body that would carry with it an equivalent risk in terms of the associated fatal cancer probability. It applies only to the stochastic effects of radiation.


Whole-body counter

Whole-body exposure

Wipe sample
"swipe or smear" sample.

X rays

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