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Tungsten Alloy Weight for Aircraft

Tungsten Alloys (WHAs) are the best choice when designers in aerospace and defense industries require a material which combines high density, good mechanical strength and which is easily machined.

Tungsten alloy ballast for aircraft
Tungsten Alloy Aircraft Ballast

Appliance for the Tungsten Alloy Aircraft Ballast:

Flight Control Systems

Rotor Blades

WHAs counterweights are incorporated into the pitch control system of many propeller designs as a fail-safe device such as tungsten ballast to ensure that overspeeding is prevented.
Tungsten alloy ballast for aircraft
Aircraft Ballast Material

Inertial Systems

Bucking Bars

Trim Weights

Tungsten alloy ballast for aircraft
Tungsten Alloy Aircraft Ballast
Prototype Work

WHAs materials are frequently make into tungsten ballast. Tungsten ballast plays a significant role to make sure the center of gravity is precisely located, during the progress of space flight, tungsten ballast ensure that correct orbit entry is achieved.

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Here Are some Pictures of Tungsten Alloy Aircraft Ballast

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