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Tungsten Counterweight for Yachts

The hyperbaric heavy alloy is called"3H" :high density,high strength and high hardness,so one of its important usages is as the counterweight. Such as mechanical balance weight,fly ball;The weight used in the drilling industry;Horologe pendulum bob;Shorkproof cutter arbor;Coungterweight used in the voyage and sailboats counterweight; gyroscope、aircraft counterweight used in the space flight and aviation,etc.

Floating ships such as yachts need counterweight to maintain their stability in the water.The tungsten alloy yachts counterweights are non-toxic and comply with environmental standard.They have very high proportion(>18g/cm3), small volume, so it has the advantage of high wind resistance, quickly sinking,it is the best succedaneum for lead and it is active demanded in the developed country such as the Europe.

Designers can now enjoy high density, excellent mechanical strength and easy machining of the material. The same material is used in space flight and national military industry. The tungste heavy alloy is the best choice to be used as counterweight. Compared with lead,tungsten has smaller volume,so tungsten's resistance in the water is smaller than lead,which will make the yacht move ahead more quickly. Tungsten alloy yachts counterweights vary in size and shape.

The high density of the tungsten heavy alloy make contribution to reduce the physical size of the module, make it easier to control the distribution of the weight, enhance the flexibility of the control mechanism.When large mass has to be confined into very small space in the yacht,tungsten alloy yachts counterweights become the best choice.Tungsten alloy yachts counterweights are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They successfully replace the toxic products such as lead.And tungsten alloy yachts counterweights can keep their shape unchanged for a long time.We can provide all kinds of tungsten alloy yachts counterweights according to your requirements.

Some Photos of Tungsten Alloy Yachts Counterweights Appliance:

Tungsten alloy counterweight for sailboats Tungsten alloy counterweight for sailboats Tungsten alloy counterweight for sailboats
Tungsten alloy counterweight for sailboats Tungsten alloy counterweight for sailboats Tungsten alloy counterweight for sailboats

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