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Tungsten Alloy for Oil Logging

What Is Tungsten Alloy Oil Logging Counterweight?

Usually, when it comes to environmental or geotechnical studies about groundwater, mineral, oil and gas exploitation, it is necessary to utilize tungsten alloy well logging counterweight to perform well logging, and analyze stratum situation exactly when drilling boreholes.

Appliance for Tungsten Alloy Oil Logging Counterweighttungsten alloy radiation shielding

Because oil logging needs to enter the earth as deeper as possible to get the characterization of wells, high-performance logging facility is required, and tungsten alloy well logging counterweight should be heavy and firmer enough, to balance out much more upward resistance and enhance the downward impulse force. In fact, tungsten alloy works as counterweight for the whole part.

Tungsten heavy alloy (WHA) is an excellent casing material for oil logging counterweight down-hole logging of oil wells. Casings must be sufficiently heavy to readily sink through materials such as barite mud and strong enough to withstand the hydrostatic pressure of this harsh environment. Most designs of tungsten alloy oil logging counterweight are highly machined for sensor and window positioning. Mechanical properties are very significant to the survivability of tungsten alloy oil logging counterweight rather large components.

Because of high density as 18.5g/cm3 max, hardness as 36 HRC max, high wear-resistance, high impact resistance and excellent durability, tungsten heavy alloy (WHA) is very suitable material for oil logging counterweight down-hole logging of underground water, oil and gas, etc. Special mechanical property is overweight large component in tungsten alloy oil logging counterweight.

Tungsten heavy alloy related to petroleum industry we can offer various tungsten heavy alloy counterweight, such as tungsten alloy oil logging counterweight, also we would like to design the drawing or manufacture concrete products according to customer's special requirements. Tungsten alloy oil logging counterweight we offered are in pressed & sintered blanks large enough to yield the desired component or machined components to customer's specifications.

A schematic of a typical oil well being produced by a pumpjack

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Price of tungsten alloy oil logging counterweight will be offered based on size, density, quantity, hardness, and any other specific requirements.

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