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Tungsten Glider Ballast

What is Tungsten Glider Ballast?

Glider is a type of glider aircraft used in the sport of gliding, which has rigid wings and an undercarriage, such as hang gliders. Glider aircraft that are used for purposes other than recreation, for example military gliders, do not soar. The glider was moving at about 135 knots/150 mph, and was about 10 feet off the ground. Glider performance during launch phase, landing, and free flight phase depends on a great gravitation to keep balance. The addition of ballast to increase weight allows the glider to fly at increased mass to keep stable. Therefore, keeping the balance during the glider working is the most important thing to consider. A type of stable material of ballast needed badly for that situation. Study shows that glider ballast sets made from tungsten or brass would be very suitable material as its high density of 17.0~18.5g/cm3.

Tungsten Glider Ballast Advantages

Tungsten glider ballast mainly combined with tungsten, iron, copper or some other components to make it much harder. With the special properties such as heat resistant, high density but low thermal expansively and excellent wearing resistance, tungsten-based alloy becomes the most suitable counterweight for glider. As we know, tungsten glider ballast is usually in a form of a tube or block under the wing area to be a substitution to lead or steel, as it has much higher density, it will be easy to provide ballast for a glider, increasing the weight to keep a better balance. Besides, tungsten alloy has good machinability, it could be machined into various shape as per different design.

Tungsten Glider Ballast Manufacture

The manufacture process for tungsten glider ballast is complex, it mainly includes mixing, pressing, sintering, surface control of grinding, if there is a need, drilling, milling, threading, etc. could also be done to tungsten glider ballast, it will be easy for the assemble. If the machining required much complicated, then the price will be much higher accordingly, because the manufacture cost will be higher.

Chinatungsten Could Offer Tungsten Glider Ballast

Chinatungsten could offer tungsten glider ballast, also could offer the machined tungsten glider ballast with thread, through hole in favorable price based on the quantity required. Besides, if there is a need, Chinatungsten could even offer special service of plating, engraving as per clients' requirement.

If you have any interest in tungsten glider ballast, please feel free to contact us by email or by telephone:+86 592 5129696.
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