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Tungsten Alloy Helicoper Shoes

What Are Tungsten Alloy Helicopter Shoes?

Tungsten alloy helicopter shoes are one of the components in the plane which is used on the ground parking, slide, landing taxiing used to support the weight of the plane crash, absorb energy.Tungsten heavy alloy helicopter shoes can absorb and consume the hit energy when the plane landed. Tungsten heavy alloy helicopter shoes have four functions:
Firstly, under gravity when the plane on the ground parking, sliding, taking off, running smooth and landing.
Secondly, bearing, consuming and absorbing the energy and turbulence when the plane landed in ground.
Thirdly, braking while the plane sliding.
Lastly, Steering airplanes while the plane sliding.

Tungsten Alloy Helicopter Shoes

As is known to us all, tungsten alloy has so many advantages such as high density, high melting point, small volume, excellent hardness, superior wearing resistance, high ultimate tensile strength, high ductility, high temperature resistance, good corrosion resistance, excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance, etc. Tungsten alloy is the perfect material to make helicopter because of the high melting point and superior wearing resistance. When the plane landing and sliding, the speed is very fast, so the friction is so big and it can produce a lot of heat, tungsten alloy helicopter shoes can resistant this problems and keep the plane land safely. Good corrosion resistance is another advantage for tungsten alloy to make helicopter shoes, when the helicopter emergency landing, it does have the choice of the ground, the product can not be corrosion when the environment is bad.

1. A Tungsten Heavy Alloy Helicopter Shoes Comprising:
a) A base plate;
b) A mosaic of smooth-surfaced blocks of wear-resistant material disposed on said base plate to form a substantially continuous smooth wear surface;
c) Retaining rails surrounding said mosaic on said plate, said rails being tapered to provide an edgeless transition from said wear surface to the surface of said base plate outwardly of said mosaic.
2. The tungsten heavy alloy helicopter shoes of claim 1, in which said base plate is curved.
3. The tungsten heavy alloy helicopter shoes of claim 2, in which said base plate is curved in a plurality of directions.
4. The tungsten heavy alloy helicopter shoes of claim 1, in which said blocks are brazed to said base plate, to said retaining rails, and to each other.
5. The tungsten heavy alloy helicopter shoes of claim 1, in which said wear resistant material contains substantially 89% tungsten alloy and 11% Cobalt.

tungsten alloy helicoper shoes tungsten heavy alloy helicoper shoestungsten heavy alloy helicoper shoes

Brief Description of Tungsten Alloy Helicopter Shoes Drawings

FIG. 2 is a perspective view of front tungsten heavy alloy helicopter shoes of FIG. 1;
FIG. 3 is a perspective view of tungsten alloy helicopter shoes for the helicopter of FIG. 1;
FIGS. 4 and 5 are perspective views of other embodiments of the invention illustrating the taper of the retaining rails; and FIGS. 6-11 are perspective views illustrating the successive steps in the manufacture of a curved wear surface according to the invention.

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