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Tungsten Alloy Watch Pendulum

What Is Watch Pendulum?

Watch pendulum is a very important for watch or clock, which is also called swinging weight, working as its timekeeping element. When it swings back and forth in a precise time interval dependent on its length, and it resists swinging at other rates, time could be calculated. During the whole process, there is a need of counterweight to control and keep the balance for its motivation.

Tungsten Alloy Used for Watch Pendulum

As its high density of almost 18.0g/cm3, small capacity, non-magnetism and good machinability, tungsten alloy material is the most suitable for watch pendulum. The weight could be adjusted based on different percents of tungsten, if the weight is needed higher, then the tungsten content could be adjusted higher accordingly, tungsten content could be offered raging from 17.0g/cm3 to 18.6g/cm3. As to the specialty of tungsten alloy watch pendulum, sometimes it should be required at a very small volume but high weight, also with the complex dimension, so it should be as made through MIM technique method.

Manufacture Process Tungsten Alloy Watch Pendulum

As the same of the other tungsten alloy material, tungsten alloy watch pendulum is usually manufactured through the following process: mixing, MIM, sintering and machining. As the size is very small, then the surface condition offered is usually sintered or blank. If there is a special requirement for surface, clients should inform in advance, and the price would be much expensive also.

Tungsten Alloy Watch Pendulum from Chinatungsten

Chinatungsten could offer tungsten alloy watch pendulum as per clinets' requirement based on the international standard. Also Chinatungsten could design and make the special mould for different clients' requirements. It will be better to have a sample or 3D drawing during the quotation process, which will be help to get an exact understanding and price for the tungsten alloy watch pendulum parts.If there is a need, Chinatungsten could also offer electroplating for customers. The price and delivery time could be different.

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If you are interest in Chinatungsten's tungsten alloy watch pendulum, please feel free to contact us at 0086 592 512 9696 or email us to or

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