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Tungsten Alloy Weight Throw

What Is Weight Throw?tungsten alloy weight throw

eight throw is one of the track and field sports throwing event. It can increase strength, improve the coordination and maintain the balance of the body ability in the rotation of the high speed. The weight throw is evolved from the hammer, which is used to strike the iron. In late nineteenth century, the students of Oxford university and Cambridge University listed the weight throw as an official event. At the very beginning, the people who took part in the weight throw event usually very tall and strong, most of them threw it by use of their strengths. Weight throw technology has been had a great improvement along with the development of the sports science.

Weight throw was developed late in China, the first weight throw record was set in 1954, and the result was 29.92 meters. Weight throw includes three parts: sphere, chain, handle. Now tungsten alloy weight throw is widely used in the match because of the properties of tungsten heavy alloy.

Tungsten Alloy Weight Throw

tungsten heavy alloy weight throw
Traditional weight throw was made by iron or lead but tungsten heavy alloy is a more suitable material for the weight throw because of its advantages such as high density, high melting point, small volume, excellent hardness, superior wearing resistance, high ultimate tensile strength, high ductility, high temperature resistance, etc. Tungsten alloy is a perfect material to make weight throw especially to make the sphere.

The high density of tungsten alloy can improve the speed and length when throwing, in this way, tungsten alloy weight throw can help the competitors to catch a high score. Non-toxic and environmental friendly of tungsten heavy alloy is another advantage for tungsten heavy alloy to make tungsten alloy weight throw. It is the durable material and can be used recycling. Tungsten heavy alloy is also very easy to machine, the manufacturer can save a lot of time in the processing of making tungsten alloy weight throw. Tungsten heavy alloy has strong wind resistance, when the match is held in a windy day, the wind can has little bad influences for the match if the weight throw was made by tungsten alloy. Good corrosion resistance is another advantage for tungsten heavy alloy to make weight throw, after using a lot of times by different competitors, weight throw can not be eroded by the users sweat.

Because the density of tungster is higher than steel,iron and lead,so compared with the tungsten alloy weight throw,The weight throw made of steel,iron or lead are larger than the Tungsten alloy weight throw,which make them not convenient to throw,and compared with the tungsten alloy material, they have larger air resistance.On the other hand,the tungsten alloy weight throw has better directionality when it is thrown by the athlete.In a word, tungsten alloy weight throw can help to improve the scores, so tungsten alloy is the best choice in the match.

 tungsten alloy ball  tungsten heavy alloy ball

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