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Steel Tip Tungsten Alloy Dart Barrel

What Is Steel Tip Tungsten Alloy Dart Barrel?

Steel tip tungsten alloy dart barrel has been around for a very long time now and come in a few different types. The oldest style of steel tip tungsten alloy dart barrel produced these days is the wooden widdy dart that has a inch wooden barrel and steel tips built into the barrel. It would surely be a minor miracle to score a 180 with tungsten heavy alloy dart.

The other more common dart is the standard tungsten heavy alloy dart ith the tip built into the metal barrel. The barrel can be made of brass or tungsten. The main difference between the two metals is that tungsten is twice the density of brass so that tungsten heavy alloy dart can be made the diameter of a brass dart for the same weight. This means that you can more easily fit three darts into the treble 20 with steel tip tungsten heavy alloy dart than brass darts.

Tungsten heavy alloy dart comes in all varieties, especially when it comes to the grip. The grip can be smooth with just the grooves in the barrel to give the grip, or knurled with a more aggressive diamond pattern marked into the barrel for extra grip and the new edge grip.

Tungsten is a brittle and dense material. Because of its brittleness another alloy is added to it to avoid breakage, the most common is nickel. The higher the percentage of tungsten heavy alloy dart, the density increases in the barrel. Thereby you can have a smaller barrel (than brass or nickel-silver) even with the same or greater weight. The higher the percentage of tungsten, the cost of tungsten heavy alloy dart usually goes up.  This is because tungsten is a harder material to machine.  The hardness of a steel tip tungstenalloy dart barrel allows it to retain its grooves and knurl longer than a Nickel Silver or Brass Dart. Steel tip tungsten alloy dart barrel is a preferred choice for more serious darters because you can group your tungsten heavy alloy dart tighter with a smaller barrel.

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