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Tungsten Rubber for Golf Clubs

What is Tungsten Rubber Golf Club?

For different sill level golf players, they need different weight for golf club during their playing, besides tungsten heavy alloy mentioned in our website, there is another material called tungsten rubber, could be used for adjust the weight of golf club. As its excellent the ductile, a new type of tungsten rubber gold club comes out.

Why Use Tungsten Tuber for Golf Club?

Tungsten rubber eliminates the need for excessive amounts of lead foil tape to add weight to a golf club head, so it could be much portative to carry the golf club. Each tungsten rubber weight chip is equivalent to 4 inches of standard lead foil tape. The flexible tungsten rubber will securely adhere and form to curved and painted surfaces. It is soft and will enhance sound and feel due to the vibration dampening qualities of the rubber compound. The special adhesive used on the back of the tape is strong enough. Besides, it has a high density with small volume.

Chinatungsten Could Offer Tungsten Rubber for Golf Club

Chinatungsten specialize in manufacturing and offering tungsten rubber for more than 20 years, and could offer tungsten rubber for golf club, which is one of the main products. We could also offer tungsten rubber in different colors.

tungsten rubber for golf clubtungsten rubber for golf club

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