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Tungsten Alloy Archery Stabilizer Weight

Tungsten alloy is a three-phase alloy whose main components are tungsten-nickel-iron or tungsten-nickel-copper, with a density of 15~18.5g/cm3, and has the advantages of small size and large weight. Not only can be used as industrial weights, but also popular in sporting goods, such as tungsten alloy barbells, tungsten alloy dumbbells, golf head weights, tungsten alloy darts, tungsten alloy fishing weights, tungsten alloy archery stabilizer weight, etc.

Tungsten Alloy Archery Stabilizer Weight PhotoTungsten Alloy Archery Stabilizer Weight Photo

The main function of counterweight for archery: increase the weight of the bow to increase the wind resistance, because it is inevitable to encounter strong winds in outdoor competitions; improve the sense of space and directivity of the bow, reduce the vibration of the bow, and reduce swing of bow; improve the sense of space of the bow handle when lifting the bow, make the flight of the bow more stable after release, so that it has a clearer directivity; coordinate the overall balance after the bow is opened, so that the archer can shoot for a long time after the bow is opened complete more high-quality shoots.

Therefore, if the weight is too large, it is not conducive to the balance of the overall center of gravity of the bow. Compared with stainless steel, tungsten alloy can reduce the size of the counterweight, and is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and has been widely used in bow and arrow counterweights.

We can design and manufacture tungsten heavy alloy archery stabilizer weight according to your drawings.

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