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Tungsten Alloy Flippin Weight

What Is Tungsten Alloy Flippin Weight?tungsten alloys flippin weight

Tungsten alloy flippin weight is shaped as a bullet, which is ideal for penetrating matted grass, flipping docks and working through wood and vegetation. Tungsten material makes tungsten alloy flippin weight denser and harder. Pople can use it more sensitive while flippin fishing.

What Is Flippin Fishing?

tungsten alloy flippin weightFlippin fishing or flipping is a quiet but powerful bass fishing technique. You use flippin weight when the weeds are thick (matted), working a reed/Kissimmee grass line or when working docks while flippin fishing for Florida bass. Flippin fishing is a fishing technique that is for stained to muddy water or extremely heavy cover. Flippin fishing is more of a short line technique. Flippin fishing is quieter and more accurate than any of the other cast, but flippin fishing cannot achieve the distance sometimes needed. Tungsten alloy flippinweight from Chinatungsten are highest quality with so many advantages:



Tungsten Alloy Flippin Weight Advantage

Tungsten alloy flippin weight for flippin fishing are half size of lead weights at the same weight, so it can go through the barriers more smoothly, and not easily be damaged by rocks. Tungsten alloy material is corrosion ressistant , can be used in any water, and also, it is enviroment friendly.Flippin fishing offered by us are qualified.

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Tungsten alloy flippin weight delivers an extra small profile perfect for slipping in and out of cover, and its tungsten composition creates double the sound when it hits against a glass bead or rock. It is manufactured in exclusive insert-free technology for extra sensitivity and no frayed lines. Chinatungsten can also offer flippin weight coated with a chip-resistant seal coat finish, in a variety of colors. Flippin fishing is our leading products. We can provide all kinds of flippin fishing products according to your requirements.

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