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Tungsten Alloy Worm Weights

Raw Material for Tungsten Alloy Worm Weights

Tungsten alloy worm weights, a kind of bullet fishing weights, are also called "tungsten heavy alloy worm weight. They provide ideal, environmentally friendly alternative to lead weights, as it is toxic and increasingly being labeled an environmental hazard. Tungsten alloy worm weights are harder than steel and extremely dense, tungsten is on average 30% smaller than its lead counterpart. Tungsten alloy worm weights are smaller than conventional weights, create twice the sound of lead weights and maintain their shape for longer.

Tungsten Alloy Heavy Worm Weights from Chinatungsten

Tungsten heavy alloy worm weight is usually made from 95%W to 97%W and molded into a "flipping" style, and it is friendly to environment, so it is superior to lead weights. Due to the high grade of tungsten alloy, the profile is up to 60% smaller compared to lead weights, 10% smaller than the competing brand of tungsten alloy "worm" weights, making them very subtle in presentation. Chinatungsten worm weights are super sensitive, giving the angler the advantage of feeling every bite and underwater environmental changes, such as powder-coated black or green pumpkin for a durable finish
Void of an insert, allowing the use of 80lb braid or 25lb fluorocarbon with ease, burr-free weights that give clients the ultimate confidence in line protection.

Tungsten alloy worm weights will be used with a fishing line, so there should be a very smooth through hole for the weight, Chinatungsten can offer quality tungsten alloys worm weights to protect the fishing line from breaking. We usually provide a plastic insert for the weight; you can find the following tungsten heavy alloy worm weight.

Beside, Chinatungsten can offer tungsten heavy alloy worm weight with different colors, such as black, red, green pumpkin, watermelon seed, chartreuse, etc. What is more, Chinatungsten can adjust the color according to the special requirements.

Pictures for tungsten heavy alloy worm weights:

tungsten worm weights

tungsten alloy worm weight

tungsten alloy worm weights

tungsten alloy worm weight with screw

tungsten alloy bullet fishing weights

tungsten alloy bullet color fishing weights

tungsten heavy alloy worm weights

tungsten alloy worm weights-colored

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