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Steel Tip Tungsten Alloy Darts

For Steel tip tungsten alloy darts, you have two options,fixed-point or moveable-point. Fixed-point: This is where the point is solidly fixed into the tungsten dart, steel tip tungsten dart does not move. This is the most common type of steel tip tungsten dart you will see.
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Tungsten Dart Component Steel Tip Tungsten Alloy Darts

Moveable-point: Guess what, these point's move! There are a number of different varieties on the market, but the theme behind the steel tip tungsten dart all is the same, "Help decrease the chance for a bounce-out". When you throw the steel tip tungsten dart, you want the point to be fully extended. The hope is that if you hit a wire, the back-end (or barrel) will then move forward and force the point into the boards as opposed to letting the tungsten dart bounce off the wire and fall to the floor. Tungsten dart offered by us is qualified.

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