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Tungsten Alloy Weight for Golf Club Head

A golf club head includes one or more balance weights for swing balancing the golf club. The balance weight is selected from a plurality of balance weights and mounted in a weight cavity formed in the golf club head.Golf club head is usually made of high-density tungsten-iron-nickel alloy counterweight.

The golf club head is usually made of stainless steel, such as SUS304, 17_4, 4130 series alloys, etc., (density of about 7. 85g/cm3, low), low density of about 7. 85g/cm3, ball (beat) when the moment of inertia is small; when using high density tungsten alloy (approximately 13. lg/cm3) is able to significantly increase the moment of inertia and enhance the stability ball and fault tolerance, it is generally first made massive counterweight block counterweight. golf club head is usually made of high-density tungsten-iron-nickel alloy counterweight. Counterweight is a tungsten content of 85 to 98%, adding a small amount of Ni, Cu, Fe, Co, Mo or Cr and other elements of the alloy, generally divided into W-Ni-Cu and W-Ni-Fe two series . Tungsten alloys have a series of excellent physical and mechanical properties, such as strength, hardness, ductility, toughness, thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, machining and weldability is good, but tungsten high melting point, difficult to shape, workability is poor.

Tungsten Alloy Golf heads are made in a variety of shapes. Key design principles are weight distribution (perimeter, low center of gravity, etc.), size (traditional, oversize, super-oversize) and styling (keel sole, deep face, wide body, etc.). There are not very many utility patents in this area, so most clubmakers can use most shapes that they desire without violating another company’s rights.

Tungsten alloy Golf heads come in a variety of weights. Here there are some important factors. To achieve the desired swing weight there is an important dynamic between the weight of a golf head, the length of the club and the weight of the grip and shaft. Don’t worry too much about it because every decent club maker uses golf club casting foundries that cast golf heads with the correct weights. It would be pretty rare to find a golf head maker that messes up in this area.

Generally, if a club is made from the same materials, using the same shapes, with the same weight distributions and overall weight, it should perform the same as another club similarly constructed.

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