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Tungsten Alloy Golf Head Counterweight

A golf head comprises of a golf head body and the bottom which is provided with a welding port and a dual-gravity tungsten alloy counterweight plate body which is welded to the welding port.

To increase performance, people find ways to increase the weight of the golf club heads. Usually tungsten alloy is added change weight in order to promote the use of rods in titanium club heads.tungsten alloys golf head counterweight

The dual-gravity counterweight plate body comprises of tungsten alloy golf head counterweight and metal part that is arranged at the periphery of the tungsten alloy counterweight and is made from the same metal material as the golf head body. The dual-gravity counterweight plate body is welded to the welding port of the tungsten alloys golf head counterweight body, and the welding port is ground to form the golf head, the bottom of which is equipped with the tungsten alloy part. The gravity and weight are averagely distributed on the area of the bottom of the golf head under the condition that the thickness of the golf head is not changed, so the effect of lower center of gravity and better balance can be achieved, thus greatly improving stability and solidity of playing the golf.

Tungsten alloy Golf Head Counterweight

Otungsten alloys golf head counterweightwing to their unique properties, tungsten alloys are well suited for use as weights for sports equipment. Tungsten heavy alloys have a density twice that of steel and weigh seven times more than aluminum. It is the best material to manufacture into tungsten alloy golf head counterweight.
Tungsten alloy inserts allow focusing of the weight inside their golf clubs. This process has lead to improved launch, spin and forgiveness.

Recent innovations have also increased the usage of tungsten in the sport. Some claim that because tungsten is dense and the center of gravity more centrally located, a tungsten core will create more spin in golf balls.

The Size of Tungsten alloy Golf Head Counterweighttungsten alloys golf head counterweight

The tungsten golf head counterweight is between two and three inch in length. Mainly from 2.25 to 2.5 inch and, 2.4 inch is most popular. Golf club heads height is between 1.25 inches and 1.75 inches, mainly from 1.35 inches to 1.50 inches, the best is 1.42 inches. Traditional golf clubs are generally made ​​of titanium or iron, cased, or forged. Chinatungsten Online can provide the injection molding of tungsten alloy golf club heads, to deliver heavier head.

High-density tungsten counterweight for golf head is very popular recently..The table shows typical properties of tungsten alloy golf head parts .

 W %


Density ( 0.1) g/cc Tensile strength MPa Elongation % Hardness Density P/T % Impact strength J/cm2
35 10 >480 >25 80~85HRB >99.5  
45 11 >500 >25 83~85HRB >99.5  
53 12 >550 >23 85~88HRB >99.5  
60 13 >600 >20 88~92HRB >99.6  
70 14 >780 >10 93~97HRB >99.6  
80 15 >800 >12 95~99HRB >99.6  
85 16 >830 >12 99~102HRB >99.6  
90 17.1 >850 >20 26~27.5HRC >99.7 30
91 17.3 >900 >20 26~27.5HRC >99.7 30
93 17.6 >920 >21 26~27.8HRC >99.7 30
95 18.1 >920 >15 28~29HRC >99.7 10
96 18.3 >920 >12 28~29HRC >99.9 10
97 18.5 >880 >8 30~31HRC >99.9 8

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