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Fish Shape Tungsten Alloy Jigs

Fish shape tungsten alloy jigs, the most technologically advanced weight available today, are now becoming standard in the industry and have been worked into almost every famous pattern available on the market.

Fish shape tungsten alloy jigs provide non-toxic and environmentally friendly alternative to lead. Comprised of tungsten, the second hardest substance next to diamonds, the product do not add pollutants to water. they are 25 percent smaller, much more sensitive and emit twice the sound of lead, they pick up bottom compositions much better than lead or brass weights, the sensitivity of it gives you the ability to better define under water structure. They are among our leading products.

Fish shape tungsten alloy jigs are used not only to provoke the big fish to bite, but also to force the fly to sink the bottom because of the tungsten material which is about three times heavier than lead. Chinatungsten's they are highest quality products.

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